Importing distribution grid model to Python

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I am currently writting my Master Thesis and therefore I have to carry out a LV distribution grid model simulation to quantify the flexibility of distributed energy storage systems (batteries) for local voltage support. The model that I have is in pfd format from the DigSilent-Power Factory software. Nevertheless, I would like to inport the model data to the open source tool Python so that I can do the analysis and simulation with Pandapower. So far, I have not found any solutions for this and I would appreciate any suggestions/advice.

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This is the software I develop:
It can open .dgs files from power factory.

I started it because I was frustrated with power factory. So far this program is used in research, master thesis and consultancy.

I think it will suit your needs. If you have any comments do not hesitate to contact me.

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Hi Santiago,

Thank you very much for your reply. I will definitely look more into GridCal.

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Hi again!

Do you know whether it is possible to export a model from Power Factory in DGS format? In the manual from Power Factory it is written that variable sets and the results can be exported, but I could not find any information regarding how to export the model itself. It would be good to export it in DGS format to work with GridCal.

It has been a while, but from what I remember:

  • You need to get the “Export definition” from the power factory user site. This is a file that is required to export DGS files. I cannot imagine why the file does not come with Power factory.
    So this clearly requires you to have a valid license of some sort and investigate a bit how to get this definition file from digsilent. I recall it was somewhere in the downloads page.

  • Once you have it, you need to use it in the export window of power factory.

Honestly, a quicker alternative is to export your grid to PSS/e .raw format (versions 29~ 33) which are supported by GridCal as well.

Since no conversion is perfect, you will need to check your grid data in GridCal once imported from .raw.

Good luck!

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