Import cases from pypsa or pandapower in oemof

I want to use the test cases from pandapower (or pypsa) in oemof. Is there a way to import this test cases without building it myself?
If someone could help me I would be very grateful :wink:

Hi Philipp,

could you be a bit more specific? Which test cases do you mean? What is the concrete application?


Sorry for my late response. Pandapower has test cases which i want to use in oemof. ( Link of these test cases). I dont think it is possible to use these cases in oemof, but I hope I am wrong, because the alternative for me is to build one by myself.

If I look at what pandapower is made for it is power flow modelling and optimization only but therefore very detailed and “standard problems” of this type are included within the code base to have reference systems to test against.

Oemof or specifically solph is different as it is more of a “object-oriented model generator for LPs/MILPs” which allow to model economic dispatch (ED) and unit commitment (UC) models or generally transport problems. We are also working on integrating linear optimal powerflow (see here) but it is just about to be implemented within the next release and has not been tested yet thoroughly.

At the current stage I would say that if you want to combine both (ED and UC) with power flow modelling, PyPSA might be worth a look as this is what it has been made for. In contrast, oemof might be your choice when it comes to more detailed/customized models at the current stage. Fortunately, both projects are evolving quickly so you might look at specific versions :wink:

Hope that helps!

Thanks for your quick response. I am currently working with oemof and the plan was to import one of these systems and modify it for my tests. I already build tools to analyse defined locations in an energysystem so for now I am happy with oemof. It would be just nice to have but not a big problem.

So it seems that you only want to import the “topology” of the test system but not the detailed electrical properties which cannot be modelled with oemof at the moment?

Of course you could do this i.e. create the objects if you have some (tabular or similar) structure of the test system.


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