H2 integration in Oemof

Good day,

I would like to integrate hydrogen with electrolyser, storage and fuel cell in Oemof. If possible in the tool " Storage investment". Has anyone of you already done this? is there already a ready solution? I am a beginner and therefore not yet so familiar with the tool. I am grateful for any help. Many thanks in advance.



Hi Thomas and welcome to the board,

I know of a paper that presents a similar thing, just without investment optimisation [1]. The code was not published, so it’s really not ready-to-use. However, the solph graph is shown and as far as I see, all relevant parameters can be read from the presented graphs. I hope, this already helps.

1: Sustainability | Free Full-Text | Planning, Optimisation and Evaluation of Small Power-to-Gas-to-Power Systems: Case Study of a German Dairy | HTML


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