Grenoble workshop YouTube video

This is for those attending the Grenoble openmod workshop held during March 2024.

I will bring a video camera and some audio gear to the workshop.[1] I am not proposing to film during the event — that task will be covered by the event organizers as part of their contracted AV services.

Rather, I would like to film some participants outside the event itself — assuming favourable weather — and then edit the resulting footage down to say an 8–12 minute video for YouTube.

The aim is general outreach and the final product should not simply be a debrief on the workshop and its contents.

Instead, people would be encouraged to explain their work and how open science fits with that work. Perhaps what brought them to the field and this community. What community‑wide challenges they see Any linkages with the global south? With policy formation? With climate activists? Things like that.

Questions might include:

  • what are you working on at present?
  • how important is “open” in the context of your work?
  • what brought you to the present?
  • how do you view the wider open modeling community?
  • what do you see as the broader community‑wide challenges?
  • are you encouraging others to use your work?
  • is that difficult? / for you? / for them?

The YouTube itself will be released under a Creative Commons CC‑BY‑4.0 license on the openmod YouTube channel. Furthermore, those present in the video will need to individually approve their footage by signing-off the final cut.

Always happy to hear suggestions. And if anyone wants to work as a photographic assistant, please let me know.

Finally, a heads‑up for the workshop organizers: @etienne.cuisinier @sacha.hodencq

  1. More specifically, based on a Sony a6700 camera and a Rode Wireless PRO 32‑bit recorder. ↩︎

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