Grenoble workshop pre-planning: 26--28 March 2024

Please see updated information:

The 18th openmod workshop is currently in planning. The joint organizers are:

The location is Grenoble, France and the venue is the Université Grenoble Alpes.


The workshop will take place from Tuesday 26 March 2024 to Thursday 28 March 2024 finishing midday. The afternoons of 25 March and 28 March will include extra optional activities. The workshop was earlier scheduled for one day later but Friday 29 March 2024 is Good Friday, a public holiday in many locations.

See wikipedia for a list of previous workshops.


Do you know that Friday, March 29th 2024 is Good Friday, which is a public holiday in many countries?

Thanks. Will pass that along to the organizers. R

Thank you Carsten for mentioning this important detail. I am waiting for confirmation but the workshop should be moved to the 26th - 28th (with optional activities on the 25th and 28th afternoons).

Best, Etienne