Global data set for georeferenced monthly averaged wind speed or power density

Hello all,

I want to evaluate seasonal variability of wind turbines (in combination with a Power to X plant). Ideally, wind turbines would create a constant seasonal power output to supply the continuous demand of PtX process, which would reduce the need and size for electricity and hydrogen storage.

For this I am looking for a geospatial data set that provides monthly averaged wind speed or wind power density, ideally at a global scale. Specifically I am looking for data sets in Spain and Australia

Similarly, the Global Solar Atlas (Global Solar Atlas) offers monthly averaged Global horizontal irradiation GeoTIFF files (e.g. Global Solar Atlas).

I am grateful for any advice!

Hi Lucas,

We created and use atlite for that purpose with which you can synthesize your data.

You can use ERA5, which covers both Spain and Australia. Resolution is limited though. If you need and have higher resolution data, you can also write an adapter for that data to use atlite with your own data.

And then there is the Global Wind Atlas, which might already serve your purpose.


Hi @lued: A search of this forum using “atlite” reveals seven hits:

And note these three publications that draw on either atlite or related software like REatlas: