Full battery charge by generator

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I want to model the actual energy system of an alpine hut. The electrical system includes a diesel generator, photovoltaic and a battery storage. Whenever the battery reaches its minimum storage level, the generator starts and fully charge the battery from 40% to 80%. Any idea, how to tell the transformer to fully charge the battery?
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Just clarifying. By “transformer” you mean the control system, transformer, inverter, or diesel generator? (It’s always hard swapping from German to English.)

Thanks for your answer.
By “transformer” I mean the diesel generator.

Just to note that the Open Energy Ontology can help address this kind of confusion by providing a consistent set of concepts and associated identifiers. :upside_down_face:

Please create a minimal system that can reproduce the problem (minimal number of components and minimal number of time steps). Afterwards you should check the lp-file. Are the constraints as expected? Normally there must be a limit (e.g. max_storage_level). Check if the storage_content is somehow limited in the lp-file. Check the basic example to see how to write an lp-file.

Hey Robbie,
hey Uwe,

I haven’t found a solution yet. My results show that the diesel generator is running the whole night to provide electricity for the base load, but that is not the reality of the alpine hut. The reality is that the diesel generator is fully charging the battery to 80%, whenever the battery has reached its minimum storage level of 40%. Afterwards, the battery provides electricity for the base load at night. I have already played around with the parameters startups costs and minimum downtime of the diesel generator, but nothing changed.


Have you tried my suggestions (minimal example, lp-file) above?

Hey Uwe,
I tried your suggestion, but I was not able to find a solution. Do you have any idea?
Br Alex

Could you provide your minimal example.

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