FOSDEM Energy Devroom CfP until 3 December 2022

Hi openmod community, I’m involved in organising the Energy Devroom at the FOSDEM conference in Brussels on 4 February 2023. We want your presentations related to energy systems and energy usage. I know you are more into modelling and data and often with a longer time horizon. I do however still think the methods of modelling and the models themselves can be interesting to the developer audience. Straight up project presentations are welcome but tangible applications and use-cases are preferred, so are stories & lessons for community building in the energy industry. The morning will be virtual, the afternoon will be on location, so we accommodate both pre-recorded and live presentations. We hope to provide a stage to many communities like yours that have a relation to energy. The deadline to submit a proposal is 3 December.


  • CfP = call for participation
  • FOSDEM = Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting, see wikipedia
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