FOSDEM 2024 Energy Devroom - CfP until 1 December

We are working to have another Energy Devroom at FOSDEM 3-4 February 2024 just like last year’s Energy Devroom. The presentation by Robbie Morrison ’ Update on open-source energy system modeling in the global south and including Africa’ was very well received and we would be delighted to again have the Openmod community be represented.

We are currently preparing a proposal for the devroom to the FOSDEM organizers. If that gets accepted we will send out a call for proposals as we did last year. We want to improve on the diversity of speakers, so we are especially interested in speakers from under-represented groups.

If you want to contribute, propose a presentation or volunteer during FOSDEM, you can contact us on the #fosdem2024 channel on the LF Energy Slack.


The Call for Participation for the Energy Devroom: “Reimagining the Energy Ecosystem through Open Source” is out: [FOSDEM] Call for Participation: Energy devroom @ FOSDEM 2024 You can respond until 1 December. Please help spread the word, also at other communities.