Forum guidelines

Forum guidelines

The posting provides some guidelines concerning the use of the forum. It is editable but issues relating to content or policy should be discussed with the community first, either via the forum or the mailing list.

Names and @usernames

Register with your real name

Please supply your real name when registering unless exceptional circumstances exist. Your @username may be anything you like.

Please use @username in postings

Please use @username and not typed in real names in postings. This practice offers two advantages:

  • the user will receive a notification or email if their personal configurations are set accordingly
  • if a user subsequently requests erasure of personal information, then the forum software can mechanically replace all occurrences of that username with an arbitrary string

You should sign off your post with just your initial if you so wish.

On and off topic policy

This section documents some corner cases relating to material that should or should not be posted. It is not intended to be comprehensive. Nor should it be cited to justify postings that are otherwise in dispute because of their content.

Academic projects, academic positions, and job announcements

Users can create new topics for the following:

  • projects looking for masters or PhD students
  • institutions offering funded PhD or post-doc openings

Job announcements are discouraged. That includes academic employment. Use the mailing list instead.

The following category is provided and should be used:

  • Openings

The following tags are provided and should also be applied:

  • opening-project
  • opening-academic

Application documents can be uploaded to the site but hyperlinks might be more suitable.

Services run by the Open Energy Modelling Initiative

A separate page details the services run by the Open Energy Modelling Initiative:

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