Feedback from October 2017 Munich workshop

Please use this thread to gather the feedback from the Munich workshop 11–13 October 2017 to help future organizers.

Participants at the 7th Open Energy Modelling Initiative (openmod) workshop, hosted by the Chair of Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems, Technical University of Munich, Germany (13 October 2017 48.26762 11.66878)

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Feedback from final session:

• Smaller breakout groups (bog)
• Bog are a great format iff organized like this
• Force joining model
• Common programming was great
• Short presentations (4+2 minutes) is a great format
• Often same questions are raised – we should work on how to give short intros to what is already reached to continue the discussion and
• It could come more out of the bog…. Untapped potential….

  • Tutorials were difficult to find tutors for, and tutors are unlikely to change their sessions much over time. In future, tutorials will need to be rethought (every other session?)
  • More coffee!
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