Event: "How open energy modelling can save the planet - Unlocking potentials in Research and Industry"

How open energy modelling can save the planet – Unlocking potentials in research and industry


PyPSA meets Edinburgh - Hybrid Seminar

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Impactful energy policy decisions affecting our planet, our economy and you are nowadays still based on closed-source software and closed-data, lacking transparency, participation and reproducibility. This is also true for the „Fit for 55“ green deal package impacting the future of Europe. Shouldn’t these decisions of utmost importance be based on a transparent and open procedure? We certainly think so! This talk provides an introduction to Open Energy System Modelling and selected tools, visualised by examples from research and industry. Furthermore, the founders of the global “PyPSA meets Earth” initiative present their vision, open software ecosystem and reveal how you can get involved in their journey towards better decision-making for a sustainable (energy) future.


Max Parzen is PhD student at the University of Edinburgh, founder and co-director of the PyPSA meets Earth initiative as well as core team member and developer in the PyPSA ecosystem. His research focuses on energy storage evaluations and macro-energy system optimization. Prof. Davide Fioriti is an Associate Professor at the University of Pisa and co-director of the PyPSA meets Earth initiative. He leads many of the software activities in the initiative and has a research interest in macro and micro-energy system optimization, economics and computer science. Leon Schumm is PhD student at the Technical University of Berlin & Regensburg. He is currently co-leading sector-coupling activities, and his research focuses on decarbonizing the European energy system in an integrated analysis of Morocco’s hydrogen exports. Denise Giubilato is a talented master student at the University of Pisa currently developing her thesis on mini-grids with the support of open energy system tools. All speakers are engaged in the open energy modelling community & love what they do. Prof. Aristides Kiprakis, leader of the Agile Energy System Group at the University of Edinburgh, will moderate the session.


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Time Presenter Topic
12:00–12:05 Prof. Aristides Kiprakis
University of Edinburgh
Event introduction
12:05–12:20 Maximilian Parzen
University of Edinburgh
Why do people care about open energy modelling? Providing insights from research and industry experience.
12:20–12:35 Leon Schumm
OTH Regensburg
The PyPSA meets Earth initiative and global energy planning solutions focusing on power and sector-coupled systems.
12:35–12:45 Davide Fioriti
University of Pisa
Think not only big but also small. The vision of a scalable mini-grid planning software solution.
12:45–12:50 Denise Giubilato
University of Pisa
Does open-source helps skill building? Experience from doing a master thesis on the mini-grid package.
12:50–13:00 Open ended Q&A

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One participant mentioned that an engineering consultancy had undertaken a study for the Dutch government examining future nuclear power prospects and had used PyPSA‑Eur for some of that analysis. Here is the summary report in english, with section 1.4.2 describing the component that relates to PyPSA:

The landing page for that summary and also the full report in Dutch are given here:

The use of open models by consultancies is quite new, although not unheard of — and this is certainly a very encouraging development.

Hi @MaxParzen is there a publicly available recording of the event?


Hi @lukas.nacken, recording is now available on YouTube :100:

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