Evaluation and Feedback from Berlin 2020 workshop

Dear all,
this thread collects feedback regarding the berlin-2020 workshop to help the improvement of upcoming events and to share lessons learned.
Here is a link to the online survey results that we conducted during the workshop: survey results

Feel free to use this thread to post your reflective ideas, comments, improvements, and discuss it with others. If you prefer a more anonymous way, you can use the Etherpad: anonymous_feedback_berlin-2020.

Here are our suggestions for Feedback Questions:

  1. Open Feedback
  2. What did I like about berlin-2020 (formats, venue, atmosphere)?
  3. What did i dislike about berlin-2020 (formats, venue, atmosphere)?
  4. What needs to/can be improved?
  5. Diversity: as a person who identifies as female, lesbian, inter, queer, trans, *, black, indigenous, people of color, [please add] how did you experience berlin-2020 or what did you experience? Is there anything you would like to share?
  6. Diversity : as a person who does not identify as female, lesbian, inter, queer, trans, *, black, indigenous, people of color, [please add] what do you think you could do to make openmod more diverse?

Organizers takeaways:

  • we really enjoyed the workshop and had a lot of fun organizing it
  • organizing a workshop is a lot of fun and you can learn a lot from it
  • organizing a workshop (across institutions) is a great networking possibility
  • organizing a workshop requires some capacities in the preparation phase and takes a lot of capacities during the workshop days (plan to rest afterwards)
  • the important information can be communicated on different channels & multiple times (its quite a challenge to reach everyone;)
  • for time management reasons, it pays off to spent time to conceptualize the Agenda (& to gather people before the workshops with a bell;)
  • Format of Lightning Talks could be improved

Thanks again for making berlin-2020 a great workshop:)
Sarah, Anselm, Jens

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