‘Energy System Modeller’ position at TransitionZero

Hello everyone,

We have an ‘Energy System Modeller’ position open at TransitionZero. This role contributes to key aspects of TransitionZero’s Future Energy Outlook (FEO) platform. This includes applying FEO to case studies of varying scales - national, regional, and global - to generate clear, credible, and actionable insights. It will involve developing, maintaining, and applying energy system modelling workflows to support energy system decarbonisation planning for relevant stakeholders. We will primarily use OSeMOSYS and PyPSA for our modelling work so anyone with experience in either (or both!) is especially welcome to apply.

TransitionZero is a non-profit startup working on building open models with open data. The organisation is best known as a founding member of Climate Trace and for developing the Coal Asset Transition Tool.

I’m happy to provide more information or have a call with anyone who’s interested.