Energy, Materials and Sustainability Ontology Workshop

submission deadline extended to 17 June 2022 see reply post below for details

Dear open energy community,

we are organising the first Energy, Materials and Sustainability Ontology Workshop (ensusto). The goal is to invite experts who work with and develop ontologies revolving around sustainability, energy and material sciences. Developing a new ontology is often a very involved process, and many endeavours face similar challenges along the way. We hope to build synergies between these communities to develop a strong network of interoperable ontologies and ontology-based applications.

Best wishes,
Martin Glauer


The first

Energy, Materials and Sustainability Ontology Workshop 2022 (Ensusto) [1]

will be part of JOWO 2022 which is held at Jönköping University August 15-19, 2022 [2]

The workshop is a venue for the presenting and discussing ontologies and applications of ontologies within renewable energies, materials science and sustainability. The primary goal of this workshop is to offer researchers and practitioners in these domains an opportunity to meet and exchange experiences in developing and using ontologies, and to provide a forum for the exchange of knowledge and best practices for ontologies in these domains. We welcome participation also from those who have just started to apply ontologies in these domains or who are not yet using ontologies in these domains but are interested in learning more.


  • Submission deadline - June 3rd, 2022
  • Notification date - July 15th, 2022
  • Camera ready version due - August 5th, 2022


The scope of the workshop includes any ontology and any application of an ontology related to renewable energy, sustainability and materials. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Energy systems
  • Climate
  • Ecosystems
  • Human socioeconomic impacts and preventative behaviours on the environment
  • Mitigation of the effects of climate change
  • Materials, including their development, characterisation and environmental impacts


Submissions should be at least 5 pages and at most 10 pages.

Papers should be submitted non-anonymously in PDF format in compliance with the new 1-column CEUR-ART Style [3]. More information is available at CEUR [4].

Papers are submitted via Easychair [5]. (select the track “Energy and Sustainability Ontology Workshop”).

All accepted papers will be published as part of a joint JOWO proceedings volume at CEUR. Previous JOWO proceedings are availble here:

Further information can be found at

[2] JOWO 2022 | JOWO
[4] #CEURWS publishes CEURART paper style | Quo vadis
[5] Log in to EasyChair

The submission deadline has been extended to 17th of June. Please find the updated deadlines at Unfortunately, I seem to be unable to edit the original post.

@mglauer: not sure why you could not edit the original posting, but I added a banner under my admin privileges. HTH, R

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