Elexon BMRS (B1610 in particular) - any users in this forum?

Dear all. I’m new to this forum. In my work I am focusing on analysing offshore wind farm production time series, and for this I have been using the Elexon BMRS B1610 data.

I’d like to know if anyone else uses this data for that purpose (or any other purpose); maybe could we share experiences and resolve some issues we am facing :wink:

See examples:


Greetings from Denmark
Rémi (@remi_wnd)

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Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service

Just to add that BMRS is a service provided within the current European Union EU 27 and Great Britain and Irish electricity systems. Some links:

Quoting approximately and briefly from the final URL:

The balancing mechanism or BM is one of the tools used by system operators (SO) and transmission system operators (TSO), such as the National Grid (Great Britain) or 50Herz in northern Germany, to balance electricity supply and demand in close to real time.

The BM is needed because electricity cannot currently be stored at scale and must be manufactured at the time of demand. Where the SO or TSO predicts that there will be a discrepancy between electricity production and demand during a certain time period, they may accept a bid or offer from a market participant to either increase or decrease generation (or consumption). The balancing mechanism is used to balance supply and demand in each half hour trading period of every day.

See also ancillary services on wikipedia. Else web search on “electricity imbalance”.

PS: this will be a wikipost for circa ten weeks in case anyone wishes to correct or add material.

Hi Rémi,

I personally do not work with Elexon data. However, my organisation has been involved in projects dealing with that data. We cooperated with the researcher Ayrton Bourn from the UCL. He has written a code for handling the data coming from the Elexon data portal.

You can find his code here: https://github.com/AyrtonB/ElexonDataPortal

I hope this can help somehow.


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