Electricity Tariff Standards and Calculation Tools

Hi All,

I’m interested if anyone knows of open source tools for calculating bills based on a customers tariff and load data. Some examples are below, but I’m interested to see if there are any other options available.

Additionally I’m interested if any kind of “standard” exists for how to define a tariff? i.e. if two tools used the same standard to define a tariff, then it would be easy to reproduce the same calculations in both tools.

I am starting to talk about the definition of such a standard with colleagues at the Centre for Energy and Environmental Markets (http://www.ceem.unsw.edu.au/) and am keen to make sure we are not reinventing the wheel.


Hi @nick-gorman I am not remotely familiar with the Common Information Model (CIM) but note the following extensions (unfortunately not open access) cover market information and thereby potentially tariffs:

  • IEC 62325-301: Common information model (CIM) extensions for markets
  • IEC 62325-351: CIM European market model exchange profile

I once wrote a BandedTariffSet class (translation unit b/gate) in C++ to abstract the concept of tariffs. Let me know if you want the source. Below are some related diagrams (CC-BY-4.0) which might provide some clues (note that negative bids were not operational when I wrote the code). Note too that tariffs that offer volume discounting are non-convex and may require an MILP formulation.


Figure: Generic tariff


Figure: Tariff types

The literature on smart grid modeling could provide some leads (not many participants here work with smart grids). You might also find Chicco et al (2003) and Couture et al (2010) helpful, if only for terminology. HTH.


Chicco, Gianfranco, Roberto Napoli, Petru Postolache, Mircea Scutariu, and Cornel Toader (February 2003). “Customer characterization options for improving the tariff offer”. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems. 18 (1): 381–387. ISSN 0885-8950. doi:10.1109/TPWRS.2002.807085. Paywalled.

Couture, Toby D, Karlynn Cory, Claire Kreycik, and Emily Williams (2010). A policymaker’s guide to feed-in tariff policy design — Technical report NREL/TP-6A2-44849. Colorado, USA: National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

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