EC Action Plan on the Digitalisation of the Energy Sector - DG ENER / EUREC Event

Hi everyone,

I have the chance to be on a podium of an event by EUREC and DG ENER on Feb. 24th. So there is maybe a chance to make a point towards more open data.

If you have some key messages, why more open data sharing is import, why it adds value for us as scientists and maybe success examples, I can try to put them into my answers.

By the way, we have also call open for a special issue for such success stories:


Three points:

  • shared data and open data are different concepts — shared data can run on trusted brokerage, whereas open data needs suitable open licenses

  • scientific use of data and public use of data are different concepts — in that there are a number of statutory exceptions available for scientific activities that do not apply to general use

  • information under statutory reporting should employ suitable open licenses — either that or the 96/9/EC database directive be explicitly excluded by law


  • phrases like “more open data” and “more open data sharing” are not very precise — which is why I prefer to see a CC‑BY‑4.0 license or something inbound compatible on the material in question


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