Dynamic modeling and stability analysis of energy system optimization results

  • genre: break‑out‑group
  • title: Dynamic modeling of energy system optimization results
  • presenter: @Oussama, @BenJahn
  • description: The workshop will focus on constructing simulation models suitable for power system dynamic stability analysis utilizing Energy System Optimization Model (ESOM) outcomes. These dynamic models are subsequently utilized for conducting stability analysis. An open-source tool implementing this workflow for the ESOM PyPSA and the dynamic modelling framework PowerSimulationsDynamics.jl will be accessible before the workshop.
    The intention is to connect ESOM and dynamic stability by encompassing both prospects in tool development, at a basic level.
    Link to cooperative live protocol: Dynamic Stability Analysis of ESOM Results - Workshop Openmod Grenoble '24 - HedgeDoc
  • background: The presenters, @Oussama and @BenJahn do research at University of Stuttgart on the representation of dynamic stability aspects of the electric grid in energy system optimization.
  • link to the code repository: To be done

Hello @BenJahn,

Reading the description of your break-out group proposition reminds me that the word “dynamic” can mean so many things depending on the context.

Here, after reading your background section, I guess that “dynamic simulation” is a short version of “power system dynamic stability analysis” (with simulation the transients of system frequency and perhaps machine rotor angles ?). If my guessing is correct, I would suggest to not use that shortcut in the description to avoid confusion.

Hello @pierre-haessig,

thank you for your comment. Indeed the word “dynamic” is so versatile that further clarification is necessary. You are guessimg correctly, we mean models that enable us to do studies on short time transient effects of system disturbances on voltage angles and magnitudes. I have edited the description to that effect.

Nice topic. If you’re end goal is to bring back the outcome of your stability analysis to your Energy System Optimization Model, then this reminds me of the PhD work of Carmen Cardozo. However, I cannot find a reference other than the Chapter 5 “A convex formulation for the FCUC (frequency constrained unit commitment) problem” of her thesis Optimisation of power system security with high share of variable renewables : Consideration of the primary reserve deployment dynamics on a Frequency Constrained Unit Commitment model.

She was using Benders’ cut to remove solutions with a too low frequency nadir if I remember correctly. This was for Unit Commitment purposes, but I guess it may be repurposed for system sizing as well.

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Thank you for the literature hint, this looks quite interesting and I was not previously aware of Cardozo’s research. Hoping to meet you in Grenoble!