Do-at-thon: Test-driven development

Session Description
Writing code is nice, but sharing it is even nicer. In order to ensure the written code
do what it is supposed to, one can write tests. However, writing tests is a task that is often left for
later and can become a daunting task once the code base becomes large and when there are
deadlines to meet. This workshop will guide you through the philosophy of test-driven development
which can be summarized by “Test first, code later”.
Throughout the workshop we will experiment this philosophy on a very simple use case in python.
The philosophy is nevertheless applicable to other programming languages which have test-suites.
How to prepare
Clone this repository and follow the Getting started guidelines from the repository’s readme
What you will (hopefully) take home with you
The confidence that you write test and use test suites + The will to learn even more about testing

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