Do-a-thon wishlist

Dear all,

It is so exciting to see many have proposed do-a-thons for the upcoming Aarhus workshop! The great variety of do-a-thons will surely make the workshop a success.

At the same time, I realize that some of us would like to participate in certain do-a-thons that have not been proposed yet. For example, I am currently swamped by Pyomo errors and would really love a Pyomo teach-a-thon where I can learn its common pitfalls. So I am calling for a pyomo do-a-thon. I think many would appreciate it if one or two of the modelling framework developers could lead such a session.

This topic also starts a thread that gives us an opportunity to call for specific do-a-thon sessions (a Christmas wishlist). If you would love to see a certain do-a-thon take place in Aarhus in May, please reply here. :slight_smile::slight_smile:

  • Pyomo pitfall teach-a-thon
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