Do-a-thon pandapower / PowerModels

We have recently created an interface from pandapower to PowerModels that allows to optimize the detailed network models that can be built with pandapower with the Julia package PowerModels [1]. This has been proven so far to be a great way to use the detailed network models of pandapower in combination with the JuMP library.

Depending on the previous knowledge of interested participants, this could either be a teach-a-thon about pandapower / PowerModels or a do-a-thon to improve the existing framework. Possible goals for a do-a-thon are:

  • integrating the storage models of pandapower and PowerModels
  • coupling the DC line model of pandapower to PowerModels
  • running time-dependent OPF simulations with PowerModels through pandapower


#edit:this might combine well with the do-a-thon about distribution system optimization


Very interesting! I am also currently working on integrating the various (optimal) power flow formulations of PowerModels.jl into a Julia/JuMP implementation of PyPSA [1]. It’s still in development, but the motivation is to reflect power flow more accurately in energy system design optimization with transmission, generation, storage expansion.

I’d be very interested to learn how pandapower and PowerModels interact with each other.

Also, thumbs up for distribution system optimization!


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@fschaefer , it would be fantastic if you could share the slides you showed us yesterday, if you are fine with making them available online! It’d be useful especially for those who could not attend the do-a-thon session and nonetheless want to follow up. Thanks!

First, thank you all for attending the workshop. I hoped everybody learned something and had fun :slight_smile:

I’d like to upload the slides but “new users cannot upload files”. Can somebody grant me access please?

What we did in the do-a-thon is described here in detail btw:

  • [Minimal example]
  • [Creating a simple network]
  • [Running a power flow]
    [Running topological graph searches]
  • [Plotting grographic network plans]
  • [Plotting network plans with colormaps]
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