Do-a-thon on remote workshops

Update: I won’t be able to make the Aarhus workshop, so somebody else should lead this do-a-thon

In this workshop we’ll draw up some hints and guidelines for running a remote openmod workshop. Remote workshops can increase international access to openmod workshops, avoid people flying and provide long-term access to workshop outputs like talks.

Topics to cover include:

  • Software for audio and video self-recording of talks
  • Online chatrooms for talks / do-a-thons
  • Remote workshop concepts from other fields
  • Local/remote meetings (as suggested by @Christian.winzer)
  • Audio issues, including sound quality, external microphones, and recording formats and settings (see also podcasting)

Things to look at:


A set of guidelines on a wiki page for running a remote workshop.


I like the idea very much! How about if we expand on this, by testing a couple of different solutions (e.g. for online chatrooms, video conferencing) in the different do-a-thons, and collect opinions on customer satisfaction (e.g. in a mini-survey). Of course, on a voluntary basis, so any Do-a-thons organisers (and participants?) who want, could simply post log-in details for connecting to their session in the forum (or via a conference wiki page including an overview of the schedule + all the links)? OpenModers that did not get a place in Aarhus (or have to attend parallel meetings ;-)) could log into the sessions of interest as Beta-Testers. Their feedback could then be used to benchmark different tools for subseqent conferences so that we don’t start from scratch…

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