Do-a-thon on online interactive energy model visualisations

Update: I won’t be able to make the Aarhus workshop, so somebody else should lead this do-a-thon

In this do-a-thon we’ll discuss how to improve energy model visualisations to make them more accessible to other researchers and the public. All ideas will be written up in a guideline for energy model visualisations.

We’ll focus on the following questions:

  • How can we make it easier for energy modellers to make online interactive visualisations?
  • How can we make visualisations easier to use by the public?

We’ll go through the basic technologies behind online examples like:

Using D3.js for graphics, Mapbox, Leaflet and Natural Earth for maps, Flask for web apps, etc.


Guidelines on openmod wiki for visualising energy systems online. Will include examples of best practice and tool tips.

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