Do-a-thon on COST grant for openmod activities

In this do-a-thon we will present the current status of the work regarding a COST grant for openmod activities and discuss:

The intended output would be:


Login details for remote participation are as follows:
International dial-in numbers:
Access code: 992951#
Online meeting (to see my screen):
Participation via phone is possible without download.
For the webmeeting (to see my presentation screen) I recommend to download and install the suitable version of the Freeconferencecall app:

Our session is currently scheduled for Thursday, 23rd May, 13:00-15:00

Here are the topics we plan to cover today:

What is a COST grant?

Why could a COST grant help?

1.Grow workshop size: as the cost of workshop infrastructure is covered.

2.Grow our network size:

a.Additional countries: invite NGOs and ITC researchers to our conferences

b.Additional model users: trainings and summer schools on open models

3.Coordinate research and leverage synergies between projects:

As we need to draft work-plans for the grant application…

Where do we stand with the application?

Next steps:

  • Adjust & Review grant application; Further partners and letters of support; submit.

Here is the link to the doc. describing action management:

Are participants eligible for funding if they don’t have an affiliation/institution?

Additional fields of research for the application:

  • Mechanical engineering
  • Energy
  • Policy
  • Social science(s)
  • Physics
  • Energy engineering

Additional fields to be added to the network:

  • energy
  • mechanical engineering
  • environmental engineering
  • physicists
  • social science + policy (more is needed)
  • …

Are municipality employees eligible (then in which category?)?

Here is a paper by Denis Lavigne about using OSeMOSYS for educational purposes:

According to section 6.1 of the COST Vademecum:

Trainees eligible to be reimbursed:
Trainees must be engaged in an official research programme as a PhD Student or postdoctoral fellow or can be employed by, or affiliated to, an institution, organisation or legal entity which has within its remit a clear association with performing research. Trainees eligible for reimbursement:

  1. Trainees from COST Full Members / COST Cooperating Member.
  2. Trainees from Approved NNC Institutions.
  3. Trainees from Approved European RTD Organisations.

Trainees not eligible to be reimbursed:

  1. Trainees from COST Partner Members.
  2. Trainees from Approved IPC Institutions.
  3. Trainees from Approved IO, EU Commission, Bodies, Offices and Agencies.
  4. Other Trainees not specifically mentioned as being eligible.

I think yes: according to Table 1 of the SESA guidelines, (normal) COST Members may come from:

“Universities, research centres, companies or any relevant legal
entity, such as Government, public bodies, private or nongovernmental
(NGO) organisations (without an international
membership/ shareholding).”

Thank you everyone for the contributions during the Do-A-Thon!!
I have now cleaned up the technical annex including your suggestions… If you haven’t already done so, please take a look at the description of summer schools and STSMs in section 4 in the next couple of days.

To avoid inflating the work programm and make it look unrealistic, I would personally delete the [Tasks and deliverables in bracket and italics…] So if you are committed to perform these tasks, and want me to include them, please add a note in the Technical annex. Otherwise I would delete them from the proposal (we can still come back to them in future…)

I will ask the COST association regarding following questions that came up in the workshop, and post a reply as soon as they get back:
• Voting Procedures: Would it be possible to specify a simple “majority vote” as our preferred voting procedure? (cf. Guidelines on Action Management, Section 4.3.7)
• How is the total budget for the action calculated: Is it important that we specify all planned summer schools / STSMs / number of participants in conferences beforehand? Or is the budget independent / will be scaled if further conference participants / STSMs or summer schools are added later on?

Returning this topic to public view following the grant review process. We were earlier required to suppress public information that could potentially influence the review panel.

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