Do-a-thon: Modelling power demand of the transport sector for energy models

The role of transport energy demand for future power system can be (at least) twofold: An increased power demand by electric mobility will require increased power supply by low-carbon power plant technologies. At the same time, electric mobility may act as load shifting option in future power systems.

A Ph.D. thesis at our group at the German Aersopace Center (DLR) in Stuttgart by Diego Luca di Tena investigated these described challenges and potential by providing five different hourly resolved profiles to our energy system model REMix:

  • an uncontrolled charging profile (that only exogenously adds to power demand)
  • an availability profile describing what amount of the fleet is connected to the grid
  • a profile for the actual power demand “on the street”
  • an SOC_max profile describing the upper bound of the battery state-of-charge and
  • a SOC_min profile describing the lower bound of the battery state-of-charge

I’m reproducing the tool that Diego developed called VENCO (unfortunately it is Excel-based) in Python. In the do-a-thon, I would like to give a quick introduction into the input data and how the tool works. If available through other participants it would be great to have 1-2 other group’s methods presented in order to discuss the limitations and how we could learn from each other to improve transport modelling in our research.


We use the same approach in PyPSA. I’d be very interested in how you generate the profiles and adapt them for different European countries.

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Thanks for the interest, so far werely on data of the MiD 2008 (Mobility in Germany, orig.: Mobilität in Deutschland) study offering a broad spectrum of hourly transport demand profiles including info’s like aim of the trip, distance etc.
So far we’re only using data for Germany but I would also be interested in exchanging sources and data on other European countries.
I see the workshop more on the method side than the data side but maybe we can allocate 30 mins in the end on data exchange.

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I’m sending out a few mails today inviting for some TelCos next week, trying to understand better, how other energy system modellers prepare transport sector’s (power) demand for their models and what data they use. At the beginning of the do-a-thon, I will give a brief overview. I’m very happy to include others that aren’t directly on my scope (mostly German researchers) and would be greatful if you’d drop me a quick mail to

Hi all,

I moved this do-a-thon to 22/5 Wednesday 15:30-17:30. I hope it is fine with everyone.

Preliminary set of slides for the do-a-thon

2019-05-22_Wulff_openMod.pdf (1.4 MB)

The transport demand data page at the wiki would be the perfect place to write the info regarding this issue, after structuring it

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