Do-a-thon: Modelling EV charging

Notes and action items from do-a-thon on EV charging and energy use modelling

Existing software:

  • emobpy: Creation of time series for battery electric vehicles modeling
  • carculator: Prospective environmental and economic life cycle assessment of vehicles, including energy consumption
  • GREET: Greenhouse gases, Regulated Emissions, and Energy use in Transportation Model

See also notes from previous hack-a-thon.

I’m am interested user of the tools. As well, I’m interested in liberating MiD 2017 data :wink:

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Whiteboard notes from the session.


Hey Guido, at the openmod bridge meeting yesterday, Christiana Mauro from Nuclear Transparency Europe had a talk about basic rights in Europe and I asked her if it was possible on a legal basis to push the ministry to license and publish the MiD data. She said that it may be possible to force them to release specific sets to specific persons. Anyways, she may be a good person to talk to or at least knows people who knows the legal background. If you want to, we can schedule a TelCo on this topic. I know the pople that administer the data set from the clearing agency at DLR (Rene Kelpin) and I guess I could get in touch with the people who carried out the MiD. I think both of their views may be valuable.

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The Berlin office of ClientEarth could also offer advice. DM me if you need points of contact. R.

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Hey, definitely I would like to push this forward! Just to make sure that I understand you correct…

Do you mean that it might be possible to give the data to some persons instead of publishing them publicly?


are you looking for a telco with me or with the people that administer the data (and maybe together with me)?

Btw, Marlin, the guy who sat next to me, is also interested in this topic. I would like to involve him as well (but I can take care about his).

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