Do-a-thon: Introduction in Plotly Dash (Tutorial)

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Session Title
Introduction in Plotly Dash (Tutorial)
Session Description
Very often data is conveyed to the public or shared with other researchers in the
form of graphs. In the case of large datasets there is often many ways to visualize the data, which ultimately depend on the end-user interests or preferences. Plotly Dash is very handy for building data visualization apps with custom user interfaces in pure Python. Since Dash apps are viewed in the web browser, Dash is inherently cross-platform and mobile ready. The apps can be deployed locally or to servers. We will build a simple Dash app together.
How to prepare
Clone this repository and follow the Getting started guidelines from the repository’s readme

  • Dash User Guide contains the description of all dash components (core, html, datatable, daq) as well of examples and tutorials on how to use the Plotly dash functionalities

  • App example gallery help you forsee what you can do with Plotly dash

The “solution” of the exercise was uploaded on the feature/solution branch of the repository

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