Description of "simultaneity" parameter


where can I find a brief description of the parameter “simultaneity” in the Transformer class?


There is no attribute called simultaneity in the transformer class. There is a max attribute in the transformer class and in contrast to the installed capacity (nominal_value) you can set it for each time step.

This parameter can be used to represent the simultaneity of a group of power plants (e.g. within a region), if you model them in just one object. Let us say you have 12 power plants with an installed capacity of 2500 MW. We may assume that only 90% of this capacity is available at one time, due to whatever reason. In that case you could set nominal_value=2500 and max=0.9 or you could just set nominal_value=2250. You do not need to define the max attribute (default: 1) in that case but it might be clearer for others to understand.

If you want to change the simultaneity throughout a year you have to use the max attribute with a list, array, Series,… (length=number of time steps). In that case it is not possible to use the nominal_value because the nominal_value is always a scalar. You could assume, that in summer the simultaneity is lower because maintenance is normally done in summer.

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Hi Uwe

thank you for your answer.
I realized after you replied that the parameter “simultaneity” is read as “max” attribute in the transformer class within the Excel reader example.

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