Data Liberation Engineering position at Catalyst Cooperative

Hello OpenMod!

Catalyst Cooperative is recruiting a new member to help expand and maintain our Public Utility Data Liberation project. This person will focus on providing analysis-ready open data to climate advocates, policymakers, researchers, and journalists. We’re a small organization, so we all play a variety of roles as needed. Our biggest needs are currently in data wrangling , client-facing data analysis , and software engineering . See our GitHub profile for more information about the tools we use but in general it’s a Python data wrangling & engineering stack: pandas, matplotlib, JupyterLab, SQLite, Apache Parquet, Pydantic, Dask, Dagster, Postgres, Datasette, etc.

You can find all the details here: Data Liberation Engineer - Catalyst Cooperative

This isn’t an academic or non-profit job… but it’s not really corporate either. We’re a worker co-op and we primarily serve academic and non-profit users, and almost all of our software and data is permissively licensed (MIT for software, CC-BY-4.0 for data), so I figured it would be of interest to folks here.

We’re all remote and have historically worked with US energy system data (FERC, EIA, EPA, MSHA, PHMSA, ISO/RTO…), but frequently get asked whether we have experience with other regions. We can’t directly employ individuals without permission to work in the US, but if you have an LLC or other legal entity we can contract with that could work (and that entity could become a member of the co-op).

We look forward to hearing from you! Also I swear to god we’re about to make another PUDL release with all the final 2021 FERC+EIA data!!!

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