Custom.Link Capacity limitation

Hi all,

has anyone experience with using the CustomLink in oemof?
I am using it as an option for hydrogen transfer between two nodes, but it doesn’t recognize the nominal capacity. Instead of considering to be the maximum limit, it takes the value as an input variable in each time step. In my case, i have nominal capacity as fixed value valid for each time step.
I would appreciate your thoughts on this topic.


Hi @Roberta,

I can recall that there were issues with the Link in previous revisions of solph. As you speak of custom.Link, you are probably using one of those. In the solph v0.5.0, it is called experimental.Link. In fact, the old “custom” was meant as a disclaimer and was replaced by the clearer term “experimental”. (In v0.5.1, it is now officially supported an just called Link.)

If you still experience problems with v0.5.1rc1 or newer, would you post a code example showing the problem? It really helps understanding it.