Contribution to European Energy Journal (EEJ)

Hello all,
is anybody interested to join for an article about „Energy Modelling: a quest for a more open and transparent approach“ in the European Energy Journal (EEJ)?

Background on the Journal: It is not a peer reviewed paper. The EEJ offers practitioners and the academic pro-active information on energy law and policy throughout Europe. It reports and comments relevant developments in the areas of internal market, competition law, energy efficiency, renewable energies, climate change, infrastructure, security of supply, and foreign energy policy. Each issue includes regular reports on legislative initiatives, case law and country developments. The EEJ aims to be the leading cross-border platform for a multi-disciplinary dialogue between all actors: energy providers and energy consumers, law makers and law firms, industry and investors, scholars and politicians.
This could be a great opportunity to share our views with this target groups. - Is anybody knowing it and having an opinion about the journal?

If you are interested to join for the article please comment here or write to my new mail address:


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