Constraints on technology share on Bus

Hello everybody,

I am dealing with constraints, where the share of one technology serving one bus needs to be lower than a specific treshhold, while the share of another technology needs to be at least a certain percentage in the sum over all timesteps.
For Example: I have a district heating network, where waste heat should at least have a share of 50 % while Biomass should reach a share of 25 % max over the course of one year.

Following the given oemof.solph examples on load share and accumulative emission limit, I was able to implement one constraint using Pyomo blocks.

I now have the problem that the second constraint will overwrite the first one again, the main reason for that being a lack of understanding how Pyomo works.

I am looking forward to your responses!
Best regards,

Hi @fred!

I see options that works without manually adding Pyomo constraints:

  1. Knowing the total heat production, you could just add full_load_time_min and full_load_time_max to waste heat and biomass, respectively.
  2. Not knowing the heat production, you can also work with virtual Flows not representing energy. You’d connect both the transformers for waste heat and biomass to with additional inputs. These are fed by one virtual transformer that implements the maximum share.

I hope these hints already help. You will have to think about details, i.e. the second option will need some virtual storage, etc.

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