Conference on Climate, Weather and Carbon Risk in Energy and Finance

We’re organising a conference on climate, weather, and carbon risk in energy and finance in Oslo from May 30, 2022 to June 1, 2022. Probably the last two days will be most relevant to some of you, as we are planning to cover key risks/uncertainties in energy system models.

Throughout these three days, we will have the opportunity to discuss, present, and exchange the latest advances in the stochastics of risk measuring, modelling, and managing, with a particular focus on energy systems, markets, and finance (ESG - Environmental, social and corporate governance).

Key topics involve modelling uncertainty in climate and weather, energy system models, as well as measuring risk factors that relate to climate change. There will be a mix of talks by invited speakers and contributed talks by the participants. Although the program is
connected thematically, it is possible to only attend parts of the conference (i.e. the finance/energy split). The daily schedule is intended to look as follows:

Monday May 30: Carbon risk and ESG finance
Tuesday May 31: Climate and weather risk in energy systems
Wednesday June 1: Climate and weather risk in energy systems

There is the opportunity to present research; please declare that you are interested and submit a title and extended abstract/paper by March 15, 2022. There are no conference fees for attending. For participation, the registration deadline is on April 30, 2020. Here’s the link to sign up for both:
link to registration

More information about the conference as e.g. the invited speakers can be found on the website:
link to website

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Oslo. If there are any questions about this, don’t hesitate to contact me.


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Hi @aleks-g, thank you for sharing. A speakers list looks really impressive! I’m sure that it’ll be a highly interesting event for anyone involved in energy modeling.

Do you plan to organize any kind of streaming during the conference? And I do not see anything about fees on the conference page, could you please clarify this topic? :slight_smile:

Hi @ekatef,
Thanks, I should have clarified that! There are no conference fees.

We are planning to provide recorded lectures, also in the optimistic case of a physical format. :slight_smile:

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