Community agenda with scientific and political industrial ecology, climate and energy events

Hey everybody, I want to inform you about a personal (and hopefully collective) attempt to gather events related to industrial ecology and climate and energy research and policy, in order for the industrial ecology/climate/energy community to be able to provide and exchange inputs where useful and necessary. It seems to be a time where it will come in handy to provide appropriate knowledge and insight from time to time :slight_smile:

It includes scientific meetings, but also political events (parliamentary meetings, EU research service meetings, …) that relate to those topics.

The agenda can be found in map-view and calendar-view at :

It is implemented with open source tools, and although not perfect, a start for a practical useful database. Tools to view online or sync through personal calendar or RSS tools are at the moment:

If you organize an event or know about interesting events (both scientific and political), feel free to reach out through Twitter or the Disqus form on the agenda page.

What would be nice - but I don’t see yet how to implement this - is

  • to have a tagging filter-function for the event map that extracts the first [tag1, tag2] part in the event names by editing the mapfilter javascript files, but that might be for another time :slight_smile: If somebody has an idea on how to do this without too much effort, that would be cool!
  • to shift the mapfilter APIs and plotting to open source tools such as Leaflet (being thought of/worked on). Maybe there are some forks that implemented this, but didn’t check that yet.
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