Climate Week 2020 webinar "Open Decarbonization: Open Source Models to Inform Action"

Hi everyone! is hosting the webinar on Climate Week 2020 to discuss the role of open energy models and how to scale-up their application. Please join! Registration link is below.

Open Decarbonization: Open Source Models to Inform Action

EDF Office of the Chief Economist NYC Climate Week Virtual Event

Although the necessity to transition to a carbon-free economy is broadly acknowledged, we have no shared understanding of the feasibility, reliability, and economic rationales for pathways to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero and even make them negative.

Models can help us explore what everyday life without emissions could look like, and how alternative technological pathways might perform. In this session, leading modelers will discuss an initiative to make their cutting-edge models more accessible to decision-makers, particularly in developing countries, by lowering barriers to their application and generating unified comparable scenarios for broader public review, discussion, and further research.

Join us for a two-hour session with two panels on:

  • The role of open-source energy models in climate policy
  • Open energy models: the current state and the way to reduce barriers to modern modeling approaches. September 2020
    11.00am-1.00pm Eastern Standard Time

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