Characterisation of models

Various objectives are pursued with the characterisation of models. We discussed the objectives and the ways of characterisation in breakout groups and workshops. I will give a short summary in the followig wiki-post (everybody who participated in the discussions is welcome to complete this) as basis to the continuing debate that we can now shift to this forum.

Recap of discussion:

1st Meeting in Berlin
we agreed that an overview about the existing open source models should be given on the openmod site; a collection was made in a brainstorm on the meeting.
that was followed by the first model overview in the wiki where everybody can add models; views and filters have been added lateron.
That was a first shot of categorisation.

  • points are not yet clear - different answers are made for different models
  • no seperation between models and frameworks - sometimes difficult to compare
  • categorisation should be improved

breakout group 2nd. Meeting in Berlin
Felix Cebulla presented and discussed the working paper of the transparency checklist (
discussion points:

  • no differentiation of transparency and quality
  • mixing of models, frameworks and scenarios

breakout group on OpenEnergy Platform (London/ Stockholm):

online discussion in the openmod wiki and google spreadsheet
this discussion took into account the categories and questions of the model characterisation of the openmod wiki, the transparency checklist and additionally two other not published characterisations of models and scenarios (from PTJ and Agora). That was the basis for the following workshops.

WS about Reproducibility:

  • differenciation between the 3 Factsheets “Framework, Model, Scenario”
  • discussing the categories and subquestions

online discussion in the openmod wiki and then mostly in GitHub issues

the discussed factsheets have been integrated in the django application (OpenEnergy platform: which is thought as a part of the openmod site as addition to the wiki. The idea is that the Factsheets replace the model collection in the wiki.
That is not yet the case because of an ongoing discussion about the better way to publish them.

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