CC Conference Bonn - Side event 'Better energy data for climate policy: UNFCCC, IEA and Parties perspectives' : Online notes [twitter]

In the context of the ongoing Bonn Climate Change Conference, there was a side event today on energy data for climate policy. In line with @robbie.morrison’s reference to the nearly carbon neutral conferencing principle, I [1] did not go there :slight_smile: , and [2] took some notes during the webinar and published them on Twitter and on my blog. Feel free to have a look. Depending on who’s on Twitter (unfortunately, most of the speakers aren’t) - could be a starting point for further discussion and questions.

The session consisted of presentations on (links direct to location in twitter-thread) :

[1] Role of energy data in the UNFCCC process [ Barbara (?) Mulik - UNFCCC ]
[2] International Energy Statistics at IEA [ Francesco Mattion - IEA ]
[3] Country Experience : Finland [ Riita Pipatti from @ StatsFinland ]
[4] Country Experience : China [ Tian Wang from the National Center for Climate Change Strategy and International Cooperation (NCSC) [ ] ]
[5] Country Experience : Germany [ Dirk Gunther [ ] from @ GermanEnvAgency [Section Emissions Situation] ]
[6] Energy Data for Tracking Progress and Policy Development at IEA [ Andrew Prag - IEA ]

Questions were asked about:

[1] Unknown : what are the contents of Sustainable Development Scenario ?
[2] Nao Shi (?) from Japanese GHG Inventory : UNFCCC parties submit, then they are reviewed. Transparency, accuracy, completeness is important. Does IEA has a process like this, and what are the characteristics of this process?
[3] Online : Production of renewable energy does not necessarily lead to consumption of renewable energy [depending on development of transmission system] How to take care of this discrepancy?

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