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Hello all,
I think there shouldn’t be a category “breakout groups”; The categories of the breakout groups became categories in the forum to continue discussing the subjects here. means that e.g. the breakout group about data should write in that category and can as follow up continue discussing there together with the openmodders who haven’t been at the meeting.

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We could make “breakout group” a tag? We could have a family of tags for workshops, so you could tag your topic as “breakout group”+“Frankfurt 2017”+whatever other tags are relevant?

That sounds like a good idea to me.
If there is no negative reply - is it possible to shift the threads in breakout groups to the according categories and tag them?

Yep, I’ll put together that tag group. Then either the original topic author or an admin can reorganise topics into the relevant categories.

I’ve created the tags now, so you can use ‘breakout-group’+specific workshop. We’ll need new categories to cover each of the main breakout group themes, including a banner topic to describe what the category covers.

breakout groups have been moved to what I think are the correct categories for their subjects. Take a look through to see if you agree @berit.mueller

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Thanks Bryn! I think that fits well. Only the breakout group on model comparison I would prefer to switch to modelling. Though outreach is also an important objective of the factsheets. Where would you see the focus @mathis-buddeke?
Rather in informing about the models and providing information to link models and to understand the results or in promoting the models?

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