Canadian energy information portal

Dear all

Some weeks ago I got a request from comments through a formar colleage about what was needed for energy modelling in Canada. At that point I mentioned what it came to mind (mainly about licensing) but it was not very structured because the time given was quite short.

Now they have just launched a beta version of a Canadian Energy Information Portal with a request for comments.

what do you think about sending recommendations ? maybe pointing to the open data commons?

best, Miguel

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Great that Statistics Canada is providing public data on the Canadian energy sector.

And a useful idea to collect comments from this community to feedback to Statistics Canada. Just be aware that the Open Energy Modelling Initiative does not, as an entity, form positions, so any thoughts remain those of the individuals concerned. But by all means, say that the feedback was assembled using online services hosted by the openmod.

For my part, I would ask how the Statistics Canada Open Licence interoperates with the Creative Commons CC‑BY‑4.0 license and CC0‑1.0 waiver, particularly in relation to inbound compatibility. Every attempt should be made to avoid siloing information through incompatible licensing.

Note also this summary of open energy sector databases on Wikipedia to indicate what other data providers are doing.

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