Call for open energy data user interviewees

Hi all,

Catalyst Cooperative recently received a grant from the US National Science Foundation under their POSE program to help foster a more sustainable open energy data ecosystem, based in large part on our existing Public Utility Data Liberation Project (PUDL). We’ve got a blog post up about the grant with more details.

The first big task we have is doing a bunch of interviews with folks who currently work with energy data – this could be in research, energy & climate policy, energy system modelers who do consulting work, etc. We want to understand how folks currently find and prepare energy data for use, the context they’re working in, and what kinds of frustrations and barriers they face.

We’re also interested in better understanding the needs and experiences of open source contributors who care about energy & climate issues and might want to work on an open data project like PUDL even if they aren’t also a downstream data consumer.

We need to do 60+ of these half-hour interviews over the next 4 weeks (as part of NSF’s I-Corps program) so we’ve set up a Calendly link to help with scheduling. We especially need folks for next week (July 16-19) if you’re available then.

Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to share around!