Call for hosting the next workshop after Zürich 2018

The Zürich workshop is over — let’s start planning the next workshop! If you want to suggest to host the next workshop please add your proposal by replying in this topic. We need a location and specific dates. Please do so by 23:59 on 15 July, after which we will open a poll in case there is more than one proposal so that the community can vote on the location and dates.

When thinking about possible dates please consider this:

Improvement areas for future workshops identified during the workshop and also earlier workshops have been:

There are solutions and concrete plans, but all involve preparation time. Stefan and myself therefore recommend to skip another workshop this year and focus on a workshop in early 2019. This would give us enough time to tackle the improvements mentioned above.

We would like to propose Aarhus as the host for the next Open Energy Modelling Workshop.

I would be the main coordinator but also @Hailiang_Liu, @kunzhu, @smail, and Gorm B. Andresen will participate in the organization.

Based on the feedback from Zurich, it seems that delaying the workshop a little bit will help to better prepare both the organization as well as the do-a-thons, lightning talks, etc.

Hence, we propose to host the next workshop in Aarhus from 8th to 10th of May 2019.



we would like to propose Frankfurt, i.e., the FIAS, to host the next Open Energy Modelling Workshop, as well.

We are aware of the disadvantages that one of the last workshops (2017) was already at FIAS and it would be another workshop within a German speaking country. However, we have the capacities to host the workshop and Frankfurt’s easy accessibility, as well.

Following the proposal from Tim and Stefan and the example of Marta to postpone the next workshop by some time, we propose Frankfurt together with the dates 06-08 March 2019.

Best regards,

Thanks both for your offers. We’ve decided to extend the deadline to give people on the mailing list a chance to respond. We’ll close the call end of this week.

Thanks to Tim’s extended deadline, we would like to propose Jülich (FZJ) to host the next openMod Workshop from 13th to 15th of March 2019, too.

Here in Jülich you can get an impression what is means to live and work next to one of the biggest lignite mining (excursion?) and I will try to invite some of our guys from climate and neuro-science modelling to share their knowledge about collaborative modelling. Besides, we could arrange for some visits to Cologne or Aachen.

For those who prefer travelling by train the Thalys from London or Paris stops in Aachen as well as Cologne and a lot of ICEs stops in Cologne, too.

In response to Robbie’s question regarding the need to increase diversity: We have already started to contact people from underrepresented countries within our networks and in case we find enough people interested in participation we will be happy to contribute to the COST proposal to cover travel expenses etc. for those people.



The proposals are summarized in date order (please edit if my descriptions are wrong). Note also that the Zürich workshop discussed the need to increase diversity — including researchers from less well resourced countries — and the organizers of the next workshop should indicate how they might address that issue.

Location Country Dates Institute
Frankfurt Germany 06–08 March 2019 Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies (FIAS)
Jülich Germany 13–15 March 2019 Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ)
Aarhus Denmark 08–10 May 2019 Department of Engineering, Aarhus University

The call is now closed and the poll is open to everyone. Please vote for up to two locations/dates. The poll closes 31 August.

  • Frankfurt 06–08 March 2019
  • Jülich 13–15 March 2019
  • Aarhus 08–10 May 2019

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Thanks all for taking part in the vote! The poll is now closed and a majority voted for Aarhus on the 8–10 May, 2019. @marta.victoria can you confirm that you and the others in Aarhus are still able to organise?

Thanks also to Jülich and Frankfurt, and looking forward to a future workshop hosted there.

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Thank you @stefan.pfenninger,

Yes, we confirm that we are very happy about the poll results and looking forward to hosting the next Open Energy Modelling Workshop.

We would also like to announce a slight change in the dates. We propose to host it on the 22-24th of May 2019. That week the classes will be over and we will have access to better rooms in our building.

We are sorry for this change and we hope that all of you who were planning to participate can still make it. If that is the case, please book the dates.

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At the last workshop, there were discussions about the registration procedure. Did we collect comments and ideas somewhere?
I also remember the idea of a “virtual openmod workshop” at the end of this year. What do you think?

Debrief from the previous Zürich workshop here. With suggestions on rationing in order to improve diversity and representation. Another approach would be to increase capacity if that is feasible.

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