Call for hosting the next workshop after Aarhus 2019

Dear everyone,

After the Aarhus edition, we need to start thinking about the next workshop. If you want to propose your institution to host the next workshop, just indicate it in this thread. It is a good idea that you provide also tentative dates.

I suggest that we keep this call open for two weeks and on June, 25 I will organize a poll so that we can vote.

There is already one proposal for a large workshop in Berlin in the forum but I guess we need a host.


Dear All,

We thought about hosting the next workshop, maybe as a large workshop as suggested by Tom. Maybe other institutions from Berlin would be willing to join us?



Hi all,

we from Hertie School are happy to join forces with folks from TU Berlin and would be happy to co-organise an anniversary openmod by the end of this year.

Warm regards from Berlin,

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Hi Anselm, all,

It would be a pleasure to have a joint effort here. We would propose a date of three days back-to-back with a weekend (Mon/Tue/Wed or Wed/Thu/Fri) by the end of November or beginning of December (18/11-06/12).

@marta.victoria @tom_brown should we set up a poll about the location (and maybe the date - this depend a little on the availabilities of rooms here)?


I would be happy to contribute to any digital technologies, including recording, interactive live‑streaming, and federated video conferencing with other centres. That last item is worth considering well ahead of the event, but would require participants in markedly different time zones to be up at odd hours.

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Dear all,

in the last weeks we have discussed in our group in Freiburg about host the next workshop. But we think it is a good idea to celebrate the birthday workshop in Berlin.
We would be very happy if we could host the next workshop after the birthday in spring 2020.

Pleas let me know, if I can give you any support from Freiburg to organize the next event.

Jan Frederick

Hi everybody,

@jan.frederick thanks for your message and your proposal to organize a workshop in Freiburg in spring 2020. I think that would be great!

Thanks also @jens.weibezahn and @Anselm for joining efforts to celebrate the OpenMod birdthay :slight_smile:

Since for the next workshop there is only one proposal (Berlin in November/December 2019), there is no need for a poll. I will let @jens.weibezahn and @Anselm announce the workshop location and dates. It is up to you if you have several possibilities for dates and you want to set up a poll.



Thank you, Marta.

We though about a poll for the dates in case there are any other events we should circumvent. Depending on the outcome we will check for the avalability of rooms and then announce the date.

So @all, please let use know which dates are the best until Sunday, July 28:

  • November 18/19/20, 2019
  • November 25/26/27, 2019
  • November 27/28/29, 2019
  • December 2/3/4, 2019
  • December 4/5/6, 2019

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Once we have settled on a date and agreed a skeleton program, we (howsoever defined) should think about lining up keynote speakers. Here are few potential lines of inquiry to start the ball rolling:

  • TU Berlin (2019) who recently announced a new climate neutral educational initiative by the Berlin Universities and CharitĂ© hospital

  • the OpenSource Energiewende program from the German economics and energy ministry (BMWi)

  • experiences by Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) when open sourcing policy‑oriented research software, including MAgPIE

  • work‑in‑progress by Helmoltz on developing their comprehensive open source and open science policy

  • NREL (who also spoke at Aarhus and perhaps by video link this time)

  • the WGBU digital commons charter (which should be under public consultation at that point)

  • an open source lawyer (Till Jaeger attended the very first openmod and his return would be a nice continuity)

  • also the Danish Energy Agency (DEA), Umweltbundesamt (UBA), Research Software Engineering (RSE) folk, …

  • a representative from Africa or a low island state (which would imply a travel budget) …

Personally I would like to hear about the work by Helmholtz.


TU Berlin (19 July 2019). Die Fridays for Future-Bewegung ist richtig und wichtig — Medieninformation Nr. 130/2019 [The Fridays for Future movement is correct and important – Media number 130/2019] (in German). Technische Universität Berlin. Berlin, Germany. Embedded YouTube:

WBGU (10 July 2019). Our common digital future – a draft charter for a sustainable digital age. Berlin, Germany: German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU). PDF version.

The two polled dates in December 2019 are tied. I therefore referred the matter to the mailing list for resolution. Perhaps @jens.weibezahn and his colleagues can select between the two options in December?

Update: @jens.weibezahn will determine the date based on room bookings.

@jens.weibezahn You know that the Technische Universität Berlin president Prof Christian Thomsen recently announced a new climate neutral educational initiative by the Berlin universities and Charité hospital? More here (in German). Perhaps you can talk to the president’s office to see if they want to support our workshop in some way? That could prove useful?

Background for those outside Germany: the Fridays for Future (FFF) movement made up of striking school students (age for organized events sometimes restricted to 15–21 years) has been remarkably effective in influencing the public and political discourse in Germany. Hence Thomsen announced (video 01:53) the educational initiative at a FFF rally on 19 July 2019 also attended by Greta Thunberg. FFF is to play a significant role in developing the project.

The openmod could consider asking an FFF speaker to keynote but I don’t think we would be able to attract their attention as they are inundated with media requests.

Hi everybody,

Thanks for the ongoing organization!
A bit delayed, also we at RLI would be happy to contribute to the organization of the OpenMod Workshop in Berlin. Do you have a preparation meeting scheduled already? Let us know!
@jens.weibezahn @Anselm and everyone else, who wants to join forces.


Hi Sarah,

Great, nice to hear! We haven’t scheduled a date for a first meeting yet but will do soon. I will contact you via email.


Friendly reminder that we need to settle on a date. When that happens, we can get together, make a list, and start to approach potential keynote speakers. @jens.weibezahn @sar_b

Hi @robbie.morrison, we will sit together this week Thursday at TU Berlin and tie the date if the room availability is known by then. You’ll definitely hear from afterwards :slight_smile:

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