Breakout Group on Integrating gas in energy system models

Discussion is cumulated here. We split in two groups: open questions and approaches to gas system modelling.

Approaches to gas system modelling:

  1. Technical
  • energy system modelling / network modelling
  • technology modelling (e.g. single power plant)
    • chemical models (detailed model of power-to-gas)
  1. Economical

Models, that integrate gas networks:

Questions Notes

  1. What is the best time resolution for modelling the gas sector?
    Linepack: volume of the pipeline (storage capacity)
  2. What is the extra gain in integrating a electrical and gas model on a higher level?
    In contrast to modelling seperately, but softlinking the results
  3. what should be system boundaries?
    to capture CO2 emissions
  4. When is it acceptable to model gas infrastructure as spatially concentrated, in contrast to a spatial distribution? case-by-case answer. Examples should be given
  5. How and in which way should leakage cost?
  6. What is the future development of the gas infrastructure?
    e.g. parts of the grid could be separated to have higher shares of biogas"
  7. What are the types of q that could be answered of a integrated (el + gas) model?
    example: tradeoffs in investments in both infrastructures

Data on gas infrastructure






LNG Terminals

do you know about any source of gas network data which is open source?

As an aside (I was not in this discussion), popular commercial tool that does integrated gas+electric modelling is PLEXOS

There was a discussion about leakages, CO2 Emissions from methane and losses of the gas network - not only in this breakout group. The german party “Die Grünen” did a request recently on exactly this topic. Questions can be found her:

Answers here:

Sorry for the German documents again… And also data accounts only for Germany.

One of the most important outcomes for me is this one:
"[19] c) Wie hoch ist der Energieverbrauch der Verdichterstationen in Deutsch-
land pro Jahr, und welchen Anteil am Gesamtenergieverbrauch haben sie?
Nach Kenntnis der Bundesregierung beträgt der Energieverbrauch der Verdich-
terstationen im Fernleitungsnetz beträgt ca. 6,5 TWh. Dies entspricht ca. 0,2 Pro-
zent des Bruttoenergieverbrauchs Deutschlands."
–> Energy consumption of compressors in the pipeline transmission system in Germany accounts for 6,5 TWh per year. (Overall gas consumption in 2015 was 846 TWh, according to BDEW)

Referring to leakages:
“Nach Kenntnis der Bundesregierung tragen Leckagen nur marginal zur Gesamttreibhausgasemissionsbilanz von Erdgas bei. Die gesamten Treibhausgas-Emissionen von Erdgas, welches in Deutschland zum Einsatz kommt, betragen
laut der aktuellen Studie des DBI „Kritische Überprüfung der Default-Werte der
Treibhausgasvorkettenemissionen von ERDGAS“ 230 g CO 2 äq/kWh.”

Hi all, there was also an attempt to collect data and modelling information on the openmod wiki:

Could you contribute your additions here?

Are any of the models of the gas network doing more than just a transport model, e.g. modelling the pressure correctly?

Regarding the leakage: I wonder also what the leakage is like from all the biogas plants in Germany - one wonders with so many small units, whether they’re really gas-tight.


Phillip Hauser from TU Dresden started a Gasmarket Group that can become similar to the Strommarktgruppe. Thus researcher working with gas markets / gas modelling / energy modelling integrating gas can share and exchange their experience and knowledge on a mailing list and potentially also in-person workshops.

If you want to join:

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Hey everybody,

thank you @frauke to share this initiative.
We recently started a Google Group and you are invited to join the group and to discuss natural gas issues and to share research. Feel free to join here:
An overview about members and their research focus is given here:

In case people are looking for a lead, the actual name for the list is the Strommarkttreffen (electricity market gathering). Most of the traffic is in German.

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