Battery modeling requirements for stationary storage systems

Dear openmod-community,
We would like to suggest a do-a-thon for ‘battery modeling requirements for stationary storage applications’
In the past, we have developed a Matlab-based simulation tool that analyzes various stationary applications both technically and economically. [1,2] However, the focus was clearly on the battery cell (aging, efficiency, thermal behavior) and on the power electronics.
In the near future [3], we want to reprogram this SimSES tool in Python and combine it with a grid simulation tool and maybe also with a holistic energy system modeling tool.
In a do-a-thon session, we will give a detailed overview of SimSES and we want to discuss with you and find out to what extent the detailed modeling of the battery cell as well as the power electronics are necessary for grid-related applications like storage systems to buffer fast charging stations.

[1] M. Naumann, C. N. Truong, M. Schimpe, D. Kucevic, A. Jossen and H. C. Hesse, "SimSES: Software for techno-economic Simulation of Stationary Energy Storage Systems," International ETG Congress 2017, Bonn, Germany, 2017, pp. 1-6. URL:


Here you can find my slides:

20190522_Kucevic_SimSES.pdf (1.3 MB)

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