Attendee and subject matter screening for the Grenoble workshop

Version: 02.a

The Grenoble workshop will likely be oversubscribed in relation to both the numbr of attendees and the number of proposals to either host or present content.

The organizers will now, unfortunately, have to limit numbers on both counts.

Here are the selection criteria we are currently considering:

Diversity considerations

These criteria are intended to support diversity among presenters and attendees:

  • gender diversity
  • diversity by country, institute, and public/private sector mix
  • balance between early-stage and experienced researchers


Priority given to those presenting content:

  • presenters have priority, individual presenters and lead presenters have priority over groups of presenters

  • breakout group leaders have priority over lightning talks and posters

Subject matter

The relevance of the subject matter will be assessed as follows:

  • the degree of comment to open source development and open science

  • systems modeling and more niche forms of analysis will be treated equally

  • criteria related to the “color” we want to encourage at this event: interdisciplinarity, critical thinking, and interaction with the “real” world including with companies

Poster space is not a constraint in this context.

Additional criteria

  • some places to be reserved for colleagues of the hosting organizations

Screening committee

@etienne.cuisinier @sacha.hodencq @robbie.morrison

We welcome suggestions or feedback on these provisional criteria. Please post below if you have any thoughts or suggestions.

And we very much regret that valued participants will need to be turned away.

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Note on open licensing of PDF files

If you wish to upload your poster or lightning talk to your original proposal posting on this forum, you will need to first include a Creative Commons CC‑BY‑4.0 license.

You can do this by adding the appropriate licence notice to your first slide or at the bottom of your poster. If you are unsure on how to format this information, there is help on the web.

You can additionally add that same license information as metadata. This can be quite useful. You can include these details using the software that produced and exported the PDF. Or later, using a standalone utility like exiftool.