Are "post-doc opening" type announcements OK here?

Hi all -

I was about to post a link to an ad for a new post-doc position (in open energy system modelling), but then found I wasn’t sure whether that was an appropriate/acceptable use of the openmod forum at all. I don’t actually recall seeing such posts, and can’t immediately find any by searching (and there is no specific category…). So, just wanted to check the community sentiment/policy first. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Regards - Barry.

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Usually, job offers and research positions are announced on the mailing list. But I will not be bothered if we also create a section in the forum. Thanks for asking.

Hi @ludwig.huelk By “section” do you mean “category”? I think that could be useful. Perhaps simply named “Openings”? But categories are supposed to be strictly limited in number so care is needed. We should probably remove the “ENTSO-E Transparency Platform” category as it is way too specialized, R.

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