An open ontology for energy systems

This session is a follow up to a breakout group at the previous workshop .

An ontology is a formal specification of concepts and their relations. It can be used to:

  • Disambiguate the communication with experts from different communities
  • Data integration (as done in chemistry and biology)
  • Overview for new researchers/students/…

We will give a short introduction to ontologies and present the current state of an open source ontology that is developed as part of the research project SzenarienDB.


We would like to discuss possible use cases of the ontology and elaborate a workflow for a community-wide network of ontologies as part of a Do-a-thon. Possible questions include:

  • Which domains should be modelled?
  • Are there existing ontologies/knowledge bases? How to integrate them?
  • Where are dragons and how to avoid them?
  • What are possible use-cases/benefits for modellers, stakeholders, decision-makers
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