AMIRIS - new countries - source data

Hi, I would like to use AMIRIS to estimate the prices of another country. So please clarify exactly what source data is needed - which are necessary and which are optional.
And are they all in [MWh], do the profiles (biomass_profile, solar_profile etc.) mean % values?

Hi Slywia,

I recommend exploring the AMIRIS Examples, where you will find a configuration specifically compiled for Germany. In the scenario.yaml file, all the necessary inputs are defined, and for a detailed description of each field, you can refer to the schema.yaml file.

The units commonly used in this context are MW or MWh, while the profiles mentioned are normalized time series ranging from 0 to 1.

For example, consider the VariableRenewableOperator that defines a photovoltaic (PV) agent:

  - Type: VariableRenewableOperator
    Id: 10
      Set: PvFit
      EnergyCarrier: PV
      SupportInstrument: FIT
      InstalledPowerInMW: 30932.0
      OpexVarInEURperMWH: 0.0
      YieldProfile: "./timeseries/Solar_profile.csv"

In AMIRIS, the actual energy generation for this specific agent is calculated as YieldProfile * InstalledPowerInMW.

Please note that we are currently working on enhancing the overall AMIRIS data description by including metadata for all fields. In the meantime, you can refer to the this for further guidance.