Adding tags to threads

Is it possible to add tags?

As we failed to create a sub-page of stackexchange I would like to use this forum instead for questioning.

Therefore it would be helpful to add tags additionally to the categories.

The ability to tag comes standard in Discourse, I guess the functionality just needs to be applied in the admin interface. I guess it just needs to be applied just for the questions category, so to avoid clogging up other areas with unnecessary tags?

I’ve now added tags as an option when starting a topic in a category. I’m moving tag-specific discussion away from the Q&A category discussion as it isn’t possible to limit tags to certain categories.

However, it is possible to make tag groups and assign them to categories. Then we can limit who can make new tags to admins. In this way, we can limit certain tags to certain categories.

For current tags available, see:
For current tag grouping, see:

You shouldn’t be able to edit the tag groups unless you have admin access (I think it lets you make new groups and edit what’s on there, but none of it will save or take effect)

I’ve added most of the tag groups discussed for the Q&A section, but this topic should probably be the location to discuss adding/removing tags as we move on.

I just wanted to use tags on a post in the opendata category.
I cannot add new tags and that sucks!
Limiting the creation and access to admin rights is not a good idea.
Tags should be free to everyone!

It’s actually based on a minimum trust level as to whether you can create a tag, much like the reputation level required in StackOverflow to gain the same privilege. At the time I added it in I set the trust level requirement at 3 (Berit, Tom and Robbie are currently at level 2. Everyone else is at level 1)

I’ve got nothing against lowering the threshhold. It was initially there with the presumption that a heavily used forum would become a mess of overlapping tags if everyone was creating them (thus negating the benefit of having them to begin with) and wouldn’t take long for several people to rise to trust level 3. As it is, the forum has been a slow burner, so bringing the threshhold down would probably be fine.

I wasn’t aware of the “trust level”. How do you get points/trust?
Are these features and privileges documented anywhere?


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